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Melodies that hold you up like the soft breaks of a sea, her words fill up the thousand leagues below, calling with purpose out of the depths.

A Nashville transplant from Dallas, Texas, Shaylee Simeone is an indie pop artist with an honest breath and hopeful song. Her voice floats, transforming into a dance that you can’t help but follow. With lyrics echoing the transparency of Taylor Swift, her vocals take inspiration from the melodic intricacies of those like Brooke Fraser, Ellie Goulding, and Imogen Heap. Simeone doesn’t shy away from the daring and quirky; her music is open, asking familiar questions with smoldering intention.

Jump started by her father’s musical leanings, Simeone began with a guitar, empty notebooks, and all the heartache of the teenage milieu. Lining page after page with the scrawls of adolescence, finding a way to express herself was always a struggle. While studying to be a family counselor, Simeone found herself leading her worship community through song. It was there on a real stage, with a living and feeling audience, where she knew that connecting with people through music was her life’s mission and great comfort. Still, sharing her personal work was intimidating, but one tepid open mic was enough to reassure her. She needed to be in communion with others, and music was her undeniable link.

With a few degrees and one played show under her belt, Simeone dove head-first into Nashville: jobless, clueless, but unwaveringly certain. She began co-writing, falling in love with the process, again relishing every moment spent sharing the heartaches, intensities, and experiences with new collaborators. Making music this way released her insecurities, welcoming great joys and satisfaction. The time spent co-writing sharpened Simeone’s skills and won her a few national songwriting competitions which led to the recording of her first EP, Strange Bird. It debuted in the Top 10 on iTunes Singer-Songwriter Charts and served as a platform for Simeone to experiment with her identity as a recording artist.

Now, Volume I of Simeone’s first full length album, For the Love of the Sea is out and available. The album is a pastiche of the Simeone’s love for curious melodies, creative vocals, feeling everything all at once. Much like the aquatic namesake, the album features Simeone’s soothing voice as it rises and falls among rhythmic crashes, unpredictable and addicting. Her songs remind you of the ordinary in extraordinary ways: emotional and genuine, but never masquerading in perfection. Simeone’s journey is a tale of mistakes made and love found. Her relationship with God underlines the passion that soars out from each note comprising the album. Like opening the door to a welcome warm breeze, her music slips into the parts of you that you forgot existed, happy to be found again.

 With invaluable producer Taylor Bray, and supportive husband Ryan at her side, Shaylee Simeone is excited to release Volume II of her album, For the Love of the Sea, in Summer 2016!