First Winter’s Snow

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Song 5 - Front


Nothing like a good ‘ol semi-depressing relationship song.  It’s about that moment when you decided whether it’s worth it or not. That time when one person is backing away slowly (or sprinting away frantically) and the other is refusing to let go.  I wrote this tune with Brett Rutledge, one of my good friends and an even better writer. He ironically is responsible for introducing Ryan and I, so we are forever in his debt. And obviously sometimes we like to write depressing relationship songs together. It makes sense right? Right.

We were both thinking back on past relationship plunders and being on both ends of this chaotic spectrum. It’s so hard not being blinded when your in the middle of the blizzard. Despite the things going on around you that are as obvious and out of place as an 18-wheeler in the Serengeti, you just can’t let it go.  This song hones in on that first big fight/moment that tends to either raise the flags high or ground you completely. So far in the relationship, you’ve had such a great time together. Every other season has been beautiful and breathtaking and refreshing. Then the first gust of cold wind hits you in the face and it stops you in your tracks.

Some people welcome the weather change with open arms. They’re prepared. They already got their heavy coats and such out of storage and ready to go. I’d like to call these people: mature people. Or.. Eskimos. Fights don’t scare them. Conflict doesn’t make them want to run away and hibernate. Others, however, scare a bit more easily. They burrow deep in the ground and wait for the storm to pass and the snow to melt. I call these people…cautious people. Or bears. And you know, sometimes these people have the right idea. Sometimes there does come a point when you need to walk away. But there’s also a point when you need to bundle up and move in towards each other. There’s warmth in numbers, I always say.

…I’ve never said that.

Happy listening!

Song 5 - Back

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