I Just Want to be in Pitch Perfect 3, Mom….

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Seriously though. That’s all I want. 


This video was super fun to make, guys. I mean it all started with the fact that I live in Nashville and have a lot of really talented friends (basically every other human can sing like a baby angel) and the fact that I wanted to do a video to go along with this mashup I released in February. I figured doing something a bit different couldn’t hurt. And there you have it. The video was birthed. In my front foyer. With my pretty friends. (…that was a weird series of sentences due to the use of the word “birth”)

They all learned the part like a bunch of champs, played around with what stomping + smashing the wall sounded like and what kind of awkward chick semicircle we would form, and then Rachel’s (the saucy red-head in the vid) husband Matt captured the magic and it is now on the interweb for your viewing pleasure. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.


I hope you like it! And if you do, tell your friends. Peer pressure isn’t dead, people. I mean chivalry.

…no but peer pressure.

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