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take-your-nameAND I DID, GUYS. I DID. 


This song is near and dear to my married little heart. For obvious reasons. The funny thing is, I actually wrote it when I was already married and merely tapped into pre-marital-crazy-Shaylee for a little perspective. Which..wasn’t too difficult. I mean, she’s still in there guys. She’s in there.

I have never been the girl who had her wedding planned out when she was ten. And I wasn’t that girl in college who wanted a ring by spring. I went back and forth a lot on the institution as a whole, really. From my limited perspective, it didn’t seem that awesome. It seemed more terrifying and difficult and just too much for a complicated/baggage-filled human like me. What ended up being the kicker that shifted my focus was when I realized that marriage wasn’t the same for everybody. I know that sounds stupid and obvious lol, but it wasn’t for me.  Being with Ryan was when it first started making sense.  And it became about him, not about the dreadful “institution of marriage”.


….aaaand also a year or two of working through these fears via the magic and wonder of counseling may have helped as well LOLZ.

All that to say, this song is about that moment when I was dating the infamous Ryan O’Neill and it just clicked. It was pretty early on for me, and it took me by complete surprise.  Let it be known that due to tons of relational crap I had been sifting through the following year, plus the fact that Ryan was not even close to my “type” (whatever THAT means), I actually turned him down a few times at first. I know, I know. How could I have said no to that hunk of a man candy? But I did. And he saw right through my b.s. and asked me out until I said yes haha. And from that moment on, I was hooked.

I used to always want to jab people in the throat that said things like “when you know you know” and other gag-worthy phrases like that. But then I found myself giggling and uttering those words to everyone who had a pair of ears. Because honestly, it was true. At least for me. I had this complete and utter peace about being with him for the rest of forever. It was something I could only describe as coming from the Lord. It just felt easy. And the hilarious/ironic thing was, it WASN’T easy lol. Like…at all. My friends and roommates with attest to this season. It wasn’t easy because Ry and I are total and complete opposites. I mean, from our personalities, to the way we handle conflict, to our upbringing, to our understanding of emotions, EVE.RY.THING. So needless to say, it wasn’t a difficult road at times.

But that ended up being what confirmed my peaceful feelings the most. Because there was never a moment that it didn’t feel worth it. There was never a moment that I wanted to throw my hands up and walk away. Even during the darkest times, I still felt such an immense amount of love for him, it overwhelmed me. And the way we desired to learn each other and work to meet in the middle was a beautiful refinement.


So, bringing it back full circle, that’s pretty much what this song is about lol. Because I was READY to take that name, y’all. So ready. I tried not to be a psychopath about it but, I mean I probably was lol. LAY OFF ME HE’S THE BEST OK?!

I wrote it with the lovely Rebecca Roubion, who was dating her now husband at the time. It was such a sweet conversation about when we got to that magical moment of knowing we wanted to be with one person forever. And how crazy it felt at times lol. And thus, “Take Your Name” was birthed! Happy listening, can’t wait till Friday!


P.S. You can actually grab this single NOW before the album release on Friday! Wut. Here it is on iTunes + Spotify.


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