“Take Your Name” Official Music Video!

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***the album releases TOMORROW!! Pre-order it here!




I feel like a musical grown up. I finally have a music video out in the world. Feeling a mixture of all the following words: excited, giddy, nervous, embarrassed, constantly needing to go number one, ridiculous, and yayyy.

I’ll spare you the recap, so if you want to know what this song is all about, just read my last post here!



And just for s+g’s, here is a list of some entertaining facts to keep in mind as you watch this video:

1. First of all, WHEN is YouTube going to let you have more than 3 extremely unattractive choices for the thumbnail photo? I don’t think it’s by chance. I think someone sits behind a computer and waits and waits and then pauses it right when you have the most amount of chins or you look the most intoxicated. Do you feel good about yourself, YouTube worker person? DO YOU?!

2. For all those complimenting me on somehow fitting back into my wedding dress, I love you.  But in reality, that didn’t fully work out LOLZ. That super cute Turkish towel wrap? It’s true purpose was hiding the fact that a safety pin was the only thing keeping that dress on my body. It did not, in fact, zip all the way up. See?! We’re all out of shape. Let’s go eat tacos.

3. Did anyone catch me creepily writing Ryan’s name and “Shaylee O’Neill” over and over in my creepy little adult diary at the very beginning?! I thought that would be funny. Also creepy. Happy Halloween, everybody,

4. The amount of times I accidentally flashed Mat (videographer), his wife, and several strangers moseying by during those spinning/dancing scenes in the first chorus was unfortunate for everyone involved.  …except Ryan. He was into it.

5. Rachel McCann, the videographers wife, did my hair and makeup! Isn’t she great?!

6. On that note, Mat let me try my hand at some editing/producing and it was super fun! Cheers to having super talented and easy-going friends.


8. I got yelled at by some random lady walking down the beach about being on the dunes and ruining potential sea turtle nests and how terrible of a person I was. I kept saying sorry and that I loved turtles but she still hated me.

9. No turtles were harmed in the making of this film.

10. People should start using wedding dresses as bug catchers because they flocked to my tool skirt and got stuck in all the layers. It was great.

11. Those are some of my best friends dancing around the fire in the end! They’re the cutest.

12. Everyone felt super lame because the speakers weren’t working so we had to dance to soft iPhone music. We looked weird. Everyone felt weird. IT WAS WEIRD.

13. Mat pulled a total M. Night Shyamalan and made an appearance around the fire

14. My parent’s live next to Alys Beach where we filmed. So. That was easy.

15. If you stick around to the VERY VERY end of the video you’ll see a more accurate depiction of what our marriage looks like in real life.

YAY! Thanks for caring and listening and watching 🙂 I really had a blast doing this. I just got to canoodle with my love and play with my friends all day. It was great. I recommend music videos for all.

If you haven’t snagged this tune yet, do so here!




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