The Art of Being Honest. TOO HONEST, GUYS.

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First of all, let the record show that this song is not saying we should all be a bunch of dirty liars lol.  So. Don’t go there, internet trolls.

This song was actually inspired by 3 things:

  1. Marriage
  2. “Brutally honest” people
  3. Social Media

I wrote this song whilst pouting up in my room after getting into it with Ryan one night.  We were going back and forth and things got a little mean, as it happens. I remember saying something super hurtful and then tagging on a little “sorry, just being honest” at the end of it. As if that phrase would justify the cheap punch to the gut I had just given. And at the end of it all, It felt terrible. I just kept thinking…that’s not ok. Why do I do that?

Which brought my brain to reason number 2. We ALL have that friend. We all know somebody who says the worst things, the most socially awkward things, the most rude things, all whilst smiling, shrugging their shoulders and repeating phrases like:

“Sorry i’m just like, a brutally honest person.”

“OMG was that rude? I was just being honest.”

“Lol sorry I can’t help it, it’s just my personality.”



Maybe that friend is you lol. And like i said, I’m not innocent of these things myself. Especially in marriage. But I realized how frustrated I was with this art we call “honesty” and how dreadfully we misuse it. People that call themselves brutally honest are usually just called rude by other humans lol. And it’s sad, because honesty is a beautiful thing that should be treated with grace and caution. Something may be utterly true, but does that mean we should blurt it out? Could there, just could there, be instances where we should use a little less honesty and a little more empathy and self-control?

I’m sure you can see how I got to reason number 3.  The 8th level of hell: social media. Specifically, the bloody comment section. Holy cow we are a MEAN people. We have somehow convinced ourselves that our opinion needs to be shoved down the throat of everybody else. And if they don’t agree? They deserve to be viciously torn apart. For example, I have a friend that writes a political blog and posted her opinion on something concerning the upcoming election (everyone keep their pants on, I’m not going there lol).  The amount of people that commented absolutely horrendous things blew my ever-loving mind. Specifically, when people would say mean things about her hair, or her face, or her voice, or different things that had NOTHING to do with what she posted. It was just the worst. We’re just the WORST, sometimes.

Anyways, enough ranting for one day lol. I can feel myself teetering ever so hypocritically on the very thing I am frustrated about. So, all that to say, this song is more of an imploring of sorts. To myself, and to the human race. Sometimes, we need to quit being so honest. Sometimes, if our honesty is simply serving to justify saying something that brings immense pain to someone else, we should probably just keep it to ourselves.

Cuz I don’t know about you, but I could use just a little bit less of being honest.


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