to Love is to Bear

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This is definitely the quirkiest tune of the bunch. We ended up going in this weird, Regina Spektor-esque direction, when in fact it was a simple picking melody written originally on my acoustic. I started off extremely skeptical and ended up falling madly in love with it. And now It’s probably my favorite song on the whole album.

This song is about marriage.  Yes, that’s right. You feel it coming….


mawwiage (1)



Surprise: even after all of those depressing posts, I’m actually pretty into marriage. Love it, in fact. I mean, I happen to be married to the greatest human on God’s green earth, but I think other people feel the same way about said institution as well.  This song is inspired by the give and take, wear and tear, beautiful struggle that loving another person is. Cuz it’s not just having ooey-gooey feelings and kissing at the top of the ferris wheel and holding hands whilst skipping amongst the wildflowers (and somehow NOT having a giant allergy attack. Bless you, TN.) It’s putting somebody first, a phrase we’ve had drilled into us since childhood but obviously even a lifetime isn’t long enough to really soak it in. Because in reality, it’s hard to do.

One of my favorite verses to look to in marriage is in Ephesians:

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

Another version I love of that says “making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.” Gah. So good. And that’s really what marriage is all about: Forgiveness. It’s giving somebody the benefit of the doubt when every prideful bone in your body is screaming out against it. It’s letting the small things go. Even letting some tightly-gripped expectations go. And ultimately it’s caring more about another person than you care about yourself. How the hell we as sinful creatures can pull that off, literally God only knows. But we sure can try. And that’s where this song came from. To love is to bear…

To bear with each other when the waters get choppy.

To bear the weight of their baggage without judgment.

To bear arms against each other at times, and learning when to lay them down.

To bare the deepest, darkest part of your soul and be fully known.

To bear the cold just to need each other’s warmth.

To bear it all.

It’s the bravest thing we can do as emotional beings: choose to love somebody.  So here’s to giving it our best. (clink)

I couldn’t bear it if you left my side, even if we barely make it out alive.


To bear
To bear this weight
I’ll wear your burdens great
You say it’s a heavy load
But that’s how this love thing goes
To bear
To bear these arms
Our weapons of choice pierce straight through the heart
We could set them down, ya know
Well you first, then I’ll go

The storm at sea
The anchor deep
You and me
We’re heavy and light
Morning and night
The sweetest wear and tear
To love is to bear

To bare
To bare your soul
I can only see as much as you show
If you let me see straight on through
I swear it won’t change how I look at you

I couldn’t bear it if you left my side
Even if we barely make it out alive
Don’t you dare leave my side
Don’t you see I bear the cold
Just to need your warmth
Oh yes I’d bear it all

The storm at sea
The anchor deep
You and me
We’re heavy and light
Morning and night
The bravest thing we dare
To love is to bear


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